Sunday October 22, 2017

We have a wonderful day planned for you!!

We’ve run multiple trips to these sights and our participants rave at the breath of photo opps from the Brooklyn Bridge, atop the Manhattan Bridge, the NYC Skyline from DUMBO, the World Trade Center, memorial and the Oculus (the newly opened $4B Transportation Hub).

This photo adventure was so successful that we’re planning a repeat outing on Sunday October 22, plus another site, the Fulton Street Train Station nearby the WTC.

In addition, we’re also planning a pre-trip 1-hour on-line (Google Hangout) training session (on two different days TBA) where we will discuss shot locations, best equipment to use, typical camera settings, how to get the best results and answer question from the group. 

AIP is also planning to use two new pieces of mobile software to further enhance our trip experience.  The first is Periscope where your tour leader will be telecasting from the site (you can watch/listen on your smartphone), discussing his settings at the time and answering questions from participants in real-time.  The second app is called ‘FollowMee’ (with 2 e’s), which will allow us to track members of the group on a map so that no one gets lost and to allow us to move from site to site quickly and efficiently.  

The Brooklyn Bridge shot from the Manhattan Bridge -Image taken by Gary Schlagel

Image taken on Saturday, May 19th, 2016 by Martin Joffe

Reflected images (2) of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub – Martin Joffe


Corner of Transit Hub with Freedom Tower as the background – Martin Joffe

The Oculus – Image taken by Gary Schlagel

Expansive View of Transit Hub

Partial View of Ceiling

Inside looking out at NYC Sky Line – Martin Joffe

Stylized view of a portion of the Transit Hub’s Ceiling – Martin Joffe

Interior view of almost finished WTC by Martin Joffe

While the World Trade Center Transportation Hub isn’t quite finished, it’s close enough to allow incredibly good photo ops.

Once the Hub officially opens to the public, crowds will make photo ops impossible. Don’t miss this chance to photograph these icons while it’s still possible. You may not get this good of a chance again.

The following images were all taken in the Fulton Street Station:

TRIPOD Regulations:

Officially, you can’t use tripods inside the World Trade Center and/or the Transit Hub. In addition, you can’t use tripods outside or on the grounds of the World Trade Center or Memorial. However, we may be able to get away with using tripods while on the neighboring city streets.

Here’s what you day will be like:

  • We’ll meet at 1 or 2 centrally located sites in New Jersey at around 5:15 a.m. and car pool into New York City. Passengers should contribute $20.00 per person to the driver to cover gas, tolls and parking lot fees. (Street parking isn’t readily available and drivers will have to park their cars in commercial parking lots. Local parking fees are fairly reasonable on a Sunday.)
  • Anyone wishing to meet us at our our shooting locations will be given our meetup locations a day or two before the event. In addition, we will be providing information and training on how to use several mobile phone apps to help you stay in touch with the group while on the move.
  • Our first stop will be at the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO where we’ll walk up onto the bridge for an elevated view of the Brooklyn Bridge. (See image above.)
  • After our bridge shoot we’ll spend a half hour or so photographing from DUMBO. Then we’ll drive over to the World Trade Center, park our cars and proceed on foot. We’ll spend the next several hours photographing the inside and outside of the World Trade Center and the Transportation Hub.
  • After shooting the World Trade Center and the Oculus, we’ll walk over to the Fulton Street Train Station where we’ll spend an hour or more photographing this unusual structure.
  • We’ll then head back to our rendezvous points.

Stylized view of the Freedom Tower – image by Martin Joffe


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