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Just returned from a great AIP photo trip to Acadia. The group was fun and the photography was outstanding.
The hot springs of Iceland Highlands. Beautiful 3.5 mile stroll with 109 floors of elevation change. Don't bring a backpack. Oh yes, the 60mph winds at the top make the last 10 flights of steps really special;-)
You only need one picture out of a 100 and that's what it took with the winds blowing at 40mph in Iceland. Patience pays off;-)
We did a shoot with a great ballerina on Sunday night and had a great time. We plan to run other programs like this...a wonderful experience and great shots.
Nubble Light Sunrise
sun paints waves across the bay
sun paints waves across the bay
sun cracks the dawn
The sun silhouettes the Lighthouse
Sun rise from Long Sands Beach
Here's a focus stacked image of Nubble from the East side in the morning.
Here is a focus stacked image of Nubble at sunrise.