The Organizers

Martin Joffe, Malcolm Kahn and Jia Han (Eric) Dong are the brains and brawn behind Adventures in Photography and organize the events and trips for the benefit of the community.

Martin Joffe

Travel and Photography Guru

Actively involved in photography for the past 50 years. Served in club functions such as President of the Rockland Photography Club and Field Trip Chairman of the Ridgewood Camera Club as well as their Workshop Chairman. Retired and travel the world.

Malcolm Kahn

Landscape & Cityscape Guru

Photography is a passion for me, one that I have worked hard at for over 40 years…and that’s a very long time. I focus on landscape and cityscapes, with a touch of street and studio photography thrown in. I’m best known for my pano shots, the larges of which are giga pixel files.  Fun.  I also spend a great deal of time printing and framing my work that I do in large format, 30×90″ up to 40×90″. I find that printing is key to improving one’s art. It’s the antithesis or our Instagram world where any photo at 150 x 150 pixels looks ok.

Padma Inguva

Floral and Landscape Guru
I am passionate about photographing flowers, architecture, landscapes and everything in between. I love the way the camera changed my way of looking at the world and the many places it drags me to.