Presentation by Aaron Pepis

Still lifes have intrigued artists since the beginning of recorded time. From ancient Egypt, where they adorned the walls of tombs to the Renaissance, which introduced the genre into the cultural mainstream. The still life presents unique challenges such as technical lighting skills combined with composition and design to bring an image to life.

Please bring an assortment of what you may be interested in photographing. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are sure-fire options but you should also try to include some more exotic alternatives. We will have some stock items available for you to use as well as lights and backgrounds.

Our instructor will be assisting each group and answer questions while you work on your table tops setups.

When all sets are complete and images have been taken, each group will be asked to explain how they created their set up and the class will have a chance to ask questions.

What you’ll learn:

·  How to photograph art objects, food items, jewelry, a bouquet of flowers, etc. or other small items that will fit on a table top.

·  How to light objects to create an artful set up.

·  Hands on, the workshop participants will split into small groups where we will design and create their own still life photographs.

Our instructor, Aaron Pepis will:

·  Discus and demonstrate techniques for building a still-life photograph.

·  Discuss and demonstrate how to light the subject in preparation for the final step of taking a picture.

·  Explore sources and inspiration for, finding object, selecting surfaces and building sets while paying close attention to prop positioning and color theory.

·  Focus in on lighting the set up to ensure that we maximize the emotional impact of our set up


Who should attend?

Intermediate, advanced and expert photographers

NOTE: The images shown here have been post processed. That is, they’ve been edited in Photoshop after capture. AIP will be announcing a follow up workshop designed to instruct participants as to how to further enhance their images.

Our presenter, Aaron Pepis

After working for numerous studios in New York City, I opened my own photography studio in Rockland County, New York.  I was fortunate to have been able to utilize what I was taught in school and working alongside master craftsmen for ten years. In addition to having the distinction of being an internationally recognized portrait, wedding and commercial photographer, I am also known to be a caring and gifted teacher. I have lectured throughout the country to professional groups on many aspects of photography. I’ve lectured a record twelve times at Imaging USA, the International Professional Photographers Convention and at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers convention seven times. I also have served as an instructor at the Mid Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography in Cape May, New Jersey and The Triangle School of Professional Photography in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  I have retired as a PP of A judge and have judged at international conventions as well as many regional and state conventions throughout the USA.  I am a PPA Approved Photographic Instructor and have earned the Photographic Craftsman and Master of Photography Degrees.  I have earned the distinction of being a PPA Certified Professional Photographer and have had numerous photographs in the PPA traveling loan collection. I won the Kodak Gallery Award for photographic excellence. I am an active member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers Society of New York State and have served on the Board of Governors of the American Society of Photographers. I serve as photography and Photoshop consultant to several large corporations and to several United States government agencies.


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