May Featured Presenter:  Penelope Taylor

Making images in the infrared spectrum of light using a digital camera designed for visible light can be daunting. Our eyes and cameras are constructed to interpret the visible spectrum of light, yet few people realize the infrared spectrum of light is always present. We, nor our cameras, can “see” it. However with a bit of knowledge and experience (and some gear), you too will soon begin to see the light we love, but cannot see.

In this introduction to infrared digital photography, Penelope’s lecture will cover the basics such as exactly what is the infrared spectrum of light, the language of infrared, what your gear options are to capture infrared light, and good-practice capture tips and techniques.

For inspiration and ideas, Penelope will share selections from her black-and-white portfolio. Her personal interest is only in black-and-white (higher nanometers) infrared photography, not the false-color that is usually associated with infrared photography (lower nanometers). Processing workflow will not be covered.

This lecture is not only for those interested in exploring infrared photography. Color-to-black-and-white shooters can benefit from many of the points brought forth in the lecture.

Lecture Outline

1. What is Infrared?

2. The Language of Infrared

3. Visual examples / discussion of the different nanometers currently available

4. Why black-and-white infrared photography for me as a landscape photographer

5. How does infrared respond to foliage / atmospheric conditions / water / metal 6. How does infrared respond to long exposure: clouds, waterfalls, ocean

7. Discussion of gear options: lens filter or converted camera

8. Infrared image capture pitfalls 9. Fifty landscape images from Penelope’s portfolio presenting different weather conditions, subject matter, and available natural light scenarios.




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