Acadia and Maine’s Lighthouses

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to post a couple of shots from our Main Lighthouse Crawl (a great success) and let people know that we are going back to Maine, this time all the way to Acadia, on October 3-7.  We’ll catch Nubble and some other lighthouses on the way and those around Acadia of course.

Sony Shooters…Read This!!

Just read an article on dynamic range and noise on Sony A7r ii and iii cameras.  It turns out there is a jump in dynamic range and reduction of noise at ISO 640 that improves pictures when you are going to higher ISOs.  So, it you going to say ISO 400 or 500, you would…

Saugerties Hores Jumping

Hi everybody… We’re going to the Horse Jumping event in Saugerties tomorrow, Sunday.  In addition to the jumping event, we’re also planning to visit the Saugerties lighthouse, which is also a unique bed and breakfast.  It has some great leading lines created by a boardwalk and very high reed grass.  Neat place.  You can sign…