Treat Yourself To A Bucket List Experience!

9/11, is a  date burned in every American’s soul. But your haven’t seen the 911 Tribute until you’ve seen it from 2,000 feet above.

AIP will take to the air to “capture the moment” from  2,000 feet above NYC in our chartered helicopters.  This will be our 3rd year in a row and it’s our most popular event…so book early.

9/11 falls on a Tuesday night this year and the city lights will be ablaze with office lights to add to the scene.  Our first flight will take off around 7:00 PM to catch sunset and blue hour, when the tribute lights first go on.  We will be running two helicopters, each with room for 3 passengers.  Let us know if you’d prefer to fly 2 per helicopter to get more shooting time from one side of the helicopter.  (A supplemental charge will apply.)

Believe us, this will be an experience that you’ll never forget.   Here are some additional details:

  • We start with an hour of training and prep before your scheduled flight time over some wine and cheese (not too much wine of course). We will discuss safety, shooting techniques, camera settings and stabilization.
  • We will be renting high quality cameras with EXTRA fast glass (F1.4 – f1.8) that you can use in the event that your own cameras or lenses are not fast enough.  We will also show you how to use those cameras and pre-set everything so it’s ready to insure you get the very best shots.
  • You’ll then board the helicopter for the experience of your life. A Doors-Off 1-hour flight over and around lower Manhattan.
  • You’ll then return to the hanger, have some more wine, and we’ll review some of your 1,000++ images…that’s right, you will capture over 1,000 images during the flight.

And here are the kind of shots you’ll get…




LIVE THE EXPERIENCE, SAY “I WAS THERE”…The possibilities are limitless.


By this time you’re probably wondering what your helicopter looks like, so……..


There’s enough room for a pilot, 3 photographers.  By the way, did we say the DOORS WILL BE OFF! You don’t have to worry, however, since you will have a seatbelt that keeps safe.  The Robinson helicopters are one of the safest in the world and our helicopter company has a great safety record.

The New York Skyline is undeniably one of the most recognizable and best silhouettes in existence and you’re going to capture it at the best times…with the Memorial Lights.

This AIP Photo Adventure is so uniquely different from anything else that we or any other Meetup has done before that we’ve had to design a whole new and different program to deal with the issues involved and to insure the successful outcome of unique and great images.



As you can imagine, weather conditions will  have a major effect on our decision to fly or not. If its raining or windy, we don’t fly. If conditions for flying and/or photographing are anything less than ideal, we don’t fly.

A cloud cover won’t stop us because, generally, we’ll be photographing under the cloud cover. Not only that but if we do have a cloud cover, the city’s lights will probably reflect off the clouds creating a very pleasing glow.



Daytime photography:

a. Almost any DSLR will do as long as it’s capable of shooting in bursts.

b. Most effective lenses are between 35 and 85mm.  Anything shorter or longer than this range is pretty ineffective and won’t produce the best results, especially if you’re a first-timer.

c. Generally speaking “fast glass” is best and your lens of choice should be capable of opening up to at least f 1.8.

The most effective way of shooting from a helicopter is to come prepared with 2 camera bodies and a different lens for each body. (You can’t change lenses and or fumble around with equipment while in flight.)  If you don’t have 2 camera…no problema…we’ll give you one to use at no additional charge…such a deal!

Nighttime photography:

Photographing at night from a helicopter is a completely different matter with it’s own set of parameters.

a. Your DSLR(s) need(s) to handle noise very effectively since you’ll need to shoot at a high ISO…probably around ISO 3200. (Don’t worry, noise reduction in Lightroom or other NR programs handle the noise very well…the shots above were taken at IOS 3200.)

b. Your lenses should be capable of f1.8 – f1.4…can you say FAST!


Come fly with me.   Isn’t that the name of a song?

Martin Joffe, Malcolm Kahn and Padma Inguva

Your AIP Organizers